List: Jem Bendell

Jem Bendell is the author of the Deep Adaptation framework. He is notable for his uncompromising intellect, emotional sensitivity, and spiritual awareness. To participate, see the Deep Adaptation list.

Essential Works

The Love in Deep Adaptation: A Philosophy for the Forum
March 2019. This is the compact core of Deep Adaptation.

Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy
July 2018. The original paper, now downloaded more than half-a-million times.

Acceptance and Evolution in the Face of Meltdown
December 2018. A podcast interview with Bendell, about Deep Adaptation and its emotional and spiritual implications. Transcript available.
Bendell’s blog, with new publications and announcements.

Other Works

Hope and Vision in the Face of Collapse
January 2019. A philosophical excursion into the roots and meaning of Deep Adaptation, including the spiritual implications.

Deep Adaptation Q&A at Lithuanian festival
July 2019. A transcript of a video question-and-answer session with a small group at a “forest festival” in Lithuania. Insights into the practical application of the DA philosophy. The video (with connection problems) is here.

Because It’s Not a Drill: Technologies for Deep Adaptation to Climate Chaos
May 2019. This report to a committee of the European Commission is most useful for its summary of the state of the climate. As Bendell says, “unfortunately there appears to be no simple technological fix for climate change.”

Compendium of Research Reports on Climate Chaos and Impacts
July 2019. A survey of current research to evaluate evidence of exponential, uncontrollable climate change.