List: Discussion Groups

You can join thousands of other people online to discuss the issues and feelings brought up by climate apocalypse. There are a variety of attitudes and approaches, so look around before you settle. Many of these groups are “closed” groups on Facebook, which means that you must “apply” by answering a few screening questions.

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Deep Adaptation

Deep Adaptation is the philosophical framework created by Jem Bendell to develop a humane response to climate apocalypse. You can participate in discussion about DA in several forums.

Positive Deep Adaptation Facebook Group
This fast-growing group is a place where people gather virtually to share their perceptions and emotions within the Deep Adaptation framework. The discussion includes two distinguishable approaches: 1) processing grief and spiritual experiences, and 2) planning for resilient communities to survive collapse. The tension between these two methods is deliberately encouraged, which gives rise to a koan-like confusion from which enlightenment may arise.
Practical Deep Adaptation Facebook Group
Some adherents of the Deep Adaptation philosophy prefer to focus exclusively on practical actions – for example, to build resilient communities or practice regenerative agriculture. This group is about “getting to work,” to survive collapse.
Deep Adaptation Forum
This forum is structured to encourage professional engagement in various fields, with the intent to develop methods that will be useful as societal collapse unfolds. It is the center of Jem Bendell’s effort to create a humane response to collapse. (This site uses the “Ning” forum infrastructure.)


Collapse & Extinction

Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT Group
People discuss what it’s like to live with the idea that humans will soon go extinct.
Near Term Human Extinction EVIDENCE Group
A chronicle of the ongoing collapse of the natural world, and its effects on human civilization. (This is actually a Facebook “Page,” as opposed to a “Group.”)
Whistling In the Dark
For people with children who are facing the prospect of human extinction.
Reddit: r/collapse
“Discussion regarding the potential collapse of global civilization, defined as a significant decrease in human population and/or political/economic/social complexity over a considerable area, for an extended time.”