List: Deep Adaptation

The Deep Adaptation framework, authored by Jem Bendell, is based on the premise that societal collapse due to climate disruption is likely, inevitable, or already unfolding. The objective is “to embody and enable loving responses to our predicament. Its fundamental aim is to reduce suffering, while saving more of society and the natural world.” For source documents, see the Jem Bendell list.

Discussion Groups

Positive Deep Adaptation Facebook Group
Fast-growing group for the general public to share thoughts and feelings about oncoming societal collapse due to climate disruption. It’s called “positive” to indicate that accepting collapse is not nihilistic or defeatist.

Practical Deep Adaptation Facebook Group
Some people in the DA universe are oriented toward action, like building regenerative communities. This group is about “getting to work.”

Deep Adaptation Parenting Facebook Group
For parents to share about the experience of raising children in this challenging time.

Deep Adaptation Professional Platform
A Ning forum, providing “an international space to connect and collaborate with other professionals who are exploring the implications of a near-term societal collapse due to climate change from within their professional sector or interest.”

DA Affiliated Groups Network

The Deep Adaptation organization is reaching out to local-area and topical groups to engender conversations throughout the world.

Deep Adaptation Affiliated Groups list
The groups in this list are members of the Deep Adaptation Groups Network and are aligned with the DA core philosophy and principles.

Deep Adaptation Affiliated Group Guidelines
For those who want to form a location- or topic-based group with a formal affiliation with the Deep Adaptation organization.

Deep Adaptation Gathering Principles
A guide for those hosting or wishing to host online and offline Deep Adaptation (DA) gatherings. Provides guidance on values, framework, principles, and suggested gathering formats.

PDA Member Map, including Affiliated Groups
Members of the Positive Deep Adaptation Facebook group can view this map, and may provide their location to be added to the map. The map shows the location of DA Affiliated Groups, as well.