List: Clues

It is an axiom of the mystical tradition that we live in a delusion, blinded, somehow, to an underlying truth that is the ground of our true being. Every so often, the truth pokes through the veil of illusion and is described by some of our fellow humans. When this happens, we should take note, and adjust our path to navigate by these flashes of insight.

Dr. Zach Bush on “Complete Acceptance” on the Rich Roll Podcast, January 9, 2019 – Video
A credible medical doctor with deep experience of death, espousing a trippy mystical vision of humanity and our destiny: “We are beings of light, and we are completely accepted at every moment, including this moment, when we would rape the Earth of what we’re raping it of, when we would kill each other at the rate we do, when we would destroy the entire ecosystem of a green planet in the middle of black space. When we would have that level of hubris, we’re still completely accepted. And our journey is somehow understood by something more benevolent and more complete than we can see as human beings. … Seven billion of us showed up right now … Seven billion of those white[-light] souls that seconds after death are going to realize that they are who they’ve always been, they’re fully accepted, and they are moving in true love.”

Exploring the Positive Existential Emotions by Will Franks, July 3, 2019 –
Will Franks has come up with a list of virtues that are vital to the quest for spiritual grace: gratitude, surrender, compassion, awe, mystery, doubt [or curiosity], courage, and humor. Remarkably, he arrived at this collection without an explicitly spiritual foundation. Instead, he builds on “existentialism,” wherein “existence” is accepted as a given, with further explanation deemed to be unfruitful or impossible. Nevertheless, he provides a magnificent description of the moment when one becomes aware of one’s awareness. One dispute: I take issue with the his use of the word “doubt.” I believe what he is describing is better labeled “curiosity,” because his discussion involves inquiry, but not uncertainty. This is philosophy of the first order!

David Bohm, Implicate Order and Holomovement by David Storoy, August 2014 – Science and Nonduality
This summary article about the physicist David Bohm hints that deeply mystical ideas are corroborated by the most sophisticated interpretations of modern science. Bohm was a colleague of Einstein and Oppenheimer, and wrote a definitive book about quantum mechanics. Bohm saw in the formulae of physics evidence of a “universal flux,” “an unknown and undescribable totality” which is the “fundamental ground of all matter.” I would simply call this the Tao. The details of Bohm’s intellectual constructions have the feel of metaphysics, but they are grounded in empirical experience of how the physical universe behaves, verified by math.