I have started to forget things as soon as they happen. I like to interpret this as a symptom of spiritual advancement, rather than neurological decline. Are we not, after all, to live exclusively in the present moment? Shall we not forget the stories that we tell ourselves, and dwell instead in the luminous here and now?

And yet, a story is at the center of what I am interested in. How will the human drama end? What surprising narrative twist can possibly rescue the hapless Earth from its grisly fate? Tune in for the exciting conclusion!

I have the feeling that the seven point something billion people who now inhabit the Earth are here for a reason. I think we are the ones who need a truly enormous thrill to capture our attention. We have dug ourselves so deeply into an illusory mistake, that a planetary apocalypse is needed to wake us up. So here we are, facing fear, misery, chaos, and death – for ourselves, for our children, for all the living creatures of the Earth. If that doesn’t turn us on, it’s hard to imagine what will!

But beyond that undeniably compelling narrative is a deeper story – a story of love, of relationship, of an eternal dance in which worlds and universes arise and disperse like clouds in the sky. The sun shines on water; the water is rippled by a breeze. The ripples on the water reflect the light into numberless sparkling rays, each of them a soul, each of them a story, each of them a glorious destiny.

Let us face this time with courage! Let each of us do the work that is before us! Let us go together, into the center of the mystery! There is nothing to fear; all is well. ⭐️

About the logo

My logo is a derivation of the Hindu icon Nataraja, which depicts the god Shiva dancing the creation and destruction of the world. My slogan is from the lyrics of a popular song.